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All Stars

All-Star Procedures and Expectations (2015) 

At this point in the Spring season, Winthrop parents likely have several questions about All-Stars, including how does the selection process of the All-Star teams work, and what are the expectations from All-Star players and parents?

Provided below is the section of the Winthrop Park Baseball Program Bylaws pertaining to All-Stars.  Please read both the bylaws excerpt and the explanation of expectations below and let us know if your child (if selected) would definitely not be able to participate on a team for any reason.  Please pay special attention to all aspects including dates of tournaments.  You and your player will be required to sign a commitment form if selected for a team.

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to see either your coach or one of your park officers.


ALL-STAR SELECTION: The Winthrop Park Baseball Program is authorized to choose two 12- and-under All-Star Teams, to participate in the Cal Ripken A and B tournaments.  At least one team will represent Winthrop Park, and the Board of Directors shall determine the team(s) to be chosen.  Each All-Star team will consist of not less than 12 players.  All players will be selected by the Managers (head coaches).

A player must have played at Winthrop Park and participated in at least 50% of regular season games.  Exemptions to the 50% game participation requirement may be granted if a player has a valid hardship cause and a majority of the Board of Directors elects to waive the requirement.

NOMINATIONS: At a designated time and place Managers and Board Members will meet for All-Star selection.  Each Manager will nominate the players from his or her team that have demonstrated exemplary skills and good sportsmanship during the course of the season.  If any Manager or Board member feels a qualified player was not nominated, he or she may submit that player.  The President(s) will provide blank ballots.

VOTING:  The Managers will vote by secret ballot.  Votes may only be cast for players on the official ballot.  The 12 players receiving the most votes will comprise the Winthrop Park Ripken All-Star Team.  If there is a tie, the players receiving the same number of votes for the final position(s) to be filled will be put on a separate ballot, and the player(s) receiving the most votes will take the final position(s).  After the election of All-Stars, the All-Star manager may add no more than 3 additional players to the All-Star team.  If Winthrop Park is represented by both an A and B team for 12- and under players, the A team will be chosen first.  The B team will then be chosen from remaining players, using the same procedures.  The 11U team will then be chosen using the same procedures.

Note: If there are three All-Star Teams (12A, 12B, and 11U), and 11- and under players are allowed on the 12A and 12B teams, then the 11U team will chosen before the 12B team.  If 11- and under players are not allowed on the 12A and 12B teams, then the 12B team will be chosen before the 11U team.  A manager’s meeting will be scheduled prior to nominations to finalize selection criteria.

ALL-STAR COACHES: The Managers of the Winthrop Park Ripken All-Star Teams will be elected at the same time as the All-Star players.  After the first 12 players have been selected for a team, nominations for the Manager position will be taken.  The Managers will each vote for one of the coaches nominated.  The nominee receiving the majority vote will be the Manager, with the League President breaking any ties.  The Manager shall pick his own assistant coaches.



Below is a portion of the commitment form you and your player would be required to sign if selected

Player and Parent Statement of Commitment and Responsibility

Winthrop Park Cal Ripken Baseball 2015 All-Star Team

In order to be eligible to be selected to the All-Star Tournament Team, this form, signed by the player and parent/guardian, must be returned to your All-Star Manager.  Please bring this to your first All-Star practice.

·        We have submitted our deposit in the amount of $125 for All-Star uniform fees.  This is in the form of a check or money order made out to Winthrop Park Baseball, or cash.

·        We will provide an original or certified copy of a government issued birth certificate within three days of notification of selection to the All-Star Tournament Team roster.  A Babe Ruth ID card is acceptable in lieu of the birth certificate.

·        We will be responsible for getting our child to practices and games.  We understand that failure to be available for practices (practices begin soon after teams are announced) and or games can result in the player’s removal from the team.  Any player that misses three consecutive practices(practices are several times per week) will be removed from the team.  Winthrop Park will handle any unusual circumstances such as a death in the family or serious illness on a case-by-case basis.

·        We understand the Babe Ruth League (under which Cal Ripken is sanctioned) does NOT have a “must play” rule in tournament competition.

·        We understand that if the team wins the District tournament, our commitment will be extended to participating in the State tournament or further.  (Tournament dates and locations listed below.)

·        We understand that travel and other expenses may be incurred if the team advances beyond the district tournament.  I further understand that I will be financially responsible for all expenses for my child that Winthrop Park Cal Ripken Baseball does not pay for.

·        We understand that a player’s team becomes “official” when his team plays its first game.  At this point, players may NOT participate in any games other than tournament games until the team is eliminated from Babe Ruth League tournament play.

·        We understand that we along with our player will be required to participate in the scheduled fundraising activities (if any) for our team to help offset costs associated with         tournament play.  We further understand that failure to participate in the fundraisers will mean that we (and our player(s)) may not benefit from the funds raised.

 ·        Provide proof of address.

Probable 2015 All-Star Baseball Tournament Dates and Sites

 Level    District        Location     State         Location      Regional    Location            World Series  Location

12U      June 9-12  Capital Park   June 25(Start) Madison July 9 (start) Live Oak, FL    Jul. 23 (start) Aberdeen, MD

11U      June 9-12  Tom Brown     July 9(Start)  Lake City   July 22 (start) Stafford, VA      (no World Series for 11u)