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City Mission and Zoning Map



MISSION STATEMENT – Tallahassee 11 & 12 Competitive League Play

To provide a NEEDS driven Community Based “BALANCED, TOTAL PROGRAM OFFERING” in baseball for the Tallahassee/Leon County surrounding area.



The Tallahassee Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs Department, in conjunction with the Baseball Council of League Presidents of Tallahassee, have endeavored to structure Tallahassee Baseball in such a way as to embrace a balanced “TOTAL Program” baseball offering for the Tallahassee/Leon County area.  This concept will format a structure to provide quality offerings for five (5) through nineteen (19) year old baseball participants established on a community based “need” driven formula.  Programs will be structured to provide developmental experiences focused on ability levels with multiple choices for players based on progressive individual development needs.


This developmental criteria will provide programming that is as convenient as possible through the redrawing of the current participation zone maps, as well as structured in such a way as to provide an all encompassing program from novice through championship play at each level of ability.  Additionally, players of like or similar playing ability will be more equitably positioned so as to maximize the interest and enjoyment as well as play opportunities among players in each park program. 


To this end, the Tallahassee Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs Department, in conjunction with the Council of League Presidents, will offer the following for the spring baseball season;


The 11 and 12 program structure (Major League) will follow similar criteria as in the 9 and 10 age group bracket.  There will be an “advanced play” league established at the Myers Park baseball complex where 72 ballplayers will be drafted from an open, public try-out. There will be up to 30 players selected at 11 years of age and up to 42 at 12 years of age (including returning players from 2009).   This scenario will provide for continued openings in this league for players citywide each year. Consequently, “individual improvement” may be better served each year with possible choices being available to meet a specific individual’s needs. This will be accomplished through the “city-wide” structuring criteria of the specific leagues offering services. This program will play on 70’ bases and a 49’ pitching distance, as well as allow for leading off and base stealing, as an example.  This program’s primary community based national governing body will be the DIZZY DEAN Baseball, Inc., which provides this level of play.  Not all 11 and 12 year old players may have achieved this level of play ability, however they desire the same competitive experience, but in an environment more suitable for their level of interest and ability. To this end, Levy, Tom Brown, Winthrop, Meridian, and Capital Parks will provide this level player the same “total program” offering from league play through championship play through the CAL RIPKEN National governing organization (Major League) as it’s primary sanctioning organization. Cal Ripken offers 60’ bases, 46’ pitching distances with a more controlled “base stealing” philosophy.  In addition to the appropriate number of games in a league season there will be a District Championship as well as additional advancement opportunities beyond District play.  Within Cal Ripkin there are also levels of participation tracks in each age division (11 or 12) for “A” advancement, “B” advancement as well as “small and large” district classifications.  These levels of participation will be determined within the District as well as individual leagues through the Council of League Presidents and Tallahassee Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Affairs Department.


The restructuring above follows the Balanced, Total Program offering concept by providing a framework for players of like or similar playing abilities to participate in a more balanced/equitable environment in order to maximize the opportunity to participate and challenge each other to improve.  It also provides structures that enable a player to improve at the individual’s speed of development and have possible “choices” as this development occurs, enhancing their chances for further development and improvement.


A “TOTAL” program is one that allows for every player of every ability level to play ball in the most conducive and equitable environment possible for improvement.


The “BALANCE” comes in the way of ensuring a quality local recreational experience for all players with as equal an opportunity and emphasis for each level of development up to and including viable post-season championship play for each of the developmental stages offered as possible.


It is felt this model more effectively addresses the needs in today’s youth sports experience in a more managed and developmental format as compared to the established “norm” prevalent in many communities.  It will also offer more opportunities for more players at each stage of their individual development.
To determin if you live "in zone" click on the map below which will redirect you to a new page within Winthropparkbaseball.com.  From there you can navigate to your home location and if your house is covered by the red "zone polygon" you are considered in zone.
Alan Baker,
Jul 26, 2010, 10:38 AM