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Coaches Certification

      The City has instituted a new background screening program for coaches used in it's programs. For the fall season, you may either use the existing program that we have used in the past or you may use the new screening program. This new program will cost $18.50 per coach screened. Each head coach and up to 2 assistant coaches would be screened. Any additional coaches, team moms, or other volunteers will still need to be checked using the old system. Also, there must be 1 of the 3 individuals (head coach and two main assistants) on the field or with the players at all times during practices, games or waiting for parents to pick up a child.

     Beginning with the spring season, you must use the new screening program for all head coaches and up to two assistant coaches for each team. All others will be under the existing screening program. Please remember that the screening of all coaches needs to be completed and coaches cleared prior to any practice or games.

   Finally, we will be credentialing our coaches in the recreation programs and would like some feedback from you as to doing this for our upper league coaches as well. If we do, there will be a slight increase in the $18.50 per coach cost.
If you have any questions about the above from Parks and Rec. please contact our Park President, Bill Behenna via email: president@winthropparkbaseball.com .
Thank you.