Winthrop Park Fun & Skills Day

Which Winthrop park player has the strongest arm? Swings the biggest bat? Drops the sweetest bunt?  Has the fastest wheels? 

Find out Saturday, April 20 th at 1 pm during Winthrop Park’s Fun & Skills Day immediately following the Next Level and LCSO game.  Players from each team will participate in a number of contests, each one highlighting an important baseball skill:

Long-throw competition. Players will throw a ball from centerfield to their catcher at home plate,demonstrating their arm strength and accuracy.

Home run competitionLong-ball hitters will aim for the fences in a home run derby.

Bunting competition. Short-ball batters will square up at the plate to lay down the perfect bunt. 

Base running competition: Players will test their speed by rounding the bases in the fastest time.

"Super-Around-the-horn" competition.  Players will test their ability to work as a team by throwing a baseball in the "Super-Around-the-horn" in the fastest time. Beginning with a toss from the pitcher to the catcher, the ball will make its way through an intricate pattern, with each player touching it at least one time. (See downloadable diagram below)

There will be awards given to the top individual players, as well as to the team with the most accumulated points.

Concession stand will be open and the Knights of Columbus will be back with their fryars.

Alan Baker,
Apr 20, 2011, 6:59 AM
Alan Baker,
Apr 7, 2010, 10:30 AM